“Education is one of the key pillars to a successful community and, in the case of Egypt, to a stable nation. My way of giving back to the design industry and the arts is to allow for young potential to learn a craft that can help them succeed both locally and globally and eventually position the Middle East on the map as a jewellery design hub” – Designer Azza Fahmy

Our two-year program is for students who approach the professional world for the first time, and for those who strive to reach a professional stage in jewellery design. The program combines theoretical knowledge, practical practice, and most interestingly an experimental stage for the students in order to give them a chance to explore the jewellery design and metal-smith work and widen their knowledge about the crafts.

Program levels
  • Beginner (B)
  • Beginner Plus (B+)
  • Advanced (A)
  • Advanced Plus (A+)
  • Graduation Project

The program consists of 14- 16 weeks per semester (2 semesters a year) that provide the students with basic yet essential jewellery making and design techniques. Then the students are introduced to a more advanced level to implement the technical skills that they have acquired earlier along with the essential skills related to exhibiting, self-presentation, and networking. With a special attention the ability to find an identity for each designer/maker within a contemporary context

Students must demonstrate an advancement of their technical and conceptual skills with a portfolio of their work to be promoted to the next semester. The evaluation takes place at the end of each semester critiqued by DSAF instructors, in addition to our Senior Technical Consultant and co-founder of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School – Doris Maninger.  An exhibition takes place every year where students get to showcase their final pieces to the public.

As final stage, our graduate students are required to develop and hold their very first solo exhibition showcasing their work and identity.

General aim & Main Techniques

Introduction to Jewelry Lab & Creating bench book

Introduction to jewelry and metalsmithing: sawing, filing, drilling, piercing, hammering and soldering

First Parure

Introduction to stone setting & creating the first ring

Deepen technical and design skills to Develop the final collection for the semester project with a specific theme

Concept & Creative Development

Introduction to design and drawing (freehand drawing)

Patterns & their development (in 3D & 2D drawing)

Material experimentation & model making

Project research & creating the first mood board

Work presentation

General aim & Main Techniques

First development of 3D skills in metal and introduction to alternative materials

Hollow forms & material study and inlay

Cold connections

Wax Carving

Advanced stone setting

Develop the final collection for the semester project with a specific theme

Concept & Creative Development

Material and form, from 2D to 3D drawing

Materials experimentation and model making

Working on preformed concepts, from idea to object

Project research & concept presentation

Work presentation and creating the first artist book

General aim & Main Techniques

Enhancement in technical skills

Reproduction and new technologies and materials

Movements, connections & closures

Coloring Techniques

Wire techniques

Metal fusion techniques (like Mokume-gane)

Develop the final collection for the semester project with a specific theme

Concept & Creative Development

From idea to object focusing on connections & transitions

General aim & Main Techniques

Technical refinement

Advanced jewelry construction techniques

Advanced Technology, aiming to introduce students to the up to date machinery and technologies in jewelry making not only the traditional craft

Ability to analyze quality in technique and design

Concept & Creative Development

Strengthening of design capacities and theoretical research focusing on history of Jewellery

Enhancement of creativity to enable students to undertake their studies in a more personalized and independent way

Advanced drawing & design


Over a period of 2 years, DSAF Academic Program develops and expands students’ knowledge, technical and conceptual skills. Our fifth semester is intended to give our students a comprehensive one to one mentoring from our Senior Technical Consultant, aiming to strengthen their individual artistic approaches and explore more of their individual work through their “Identity Project”

The objective of this semester is to prepare our graduates to work individually in every aspect of their work as jewelry designers and makers that includes uncovering their identity, self-presentation, exhibiting and networking. Through individual exercises and guidance for a period of up to 8 months, students will learn how to carry out the entire process of holding a solo event/exhibition including curating, writing appropriate content and funding

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