About DSAF


The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy was established in 2013. We are the first and only Contemporary Jewellery Making and Jewellery Design School in Egypt and the Middle East. We provide an international quality education through programs developed in collaboration with international teachers, designers and consultants with extensive experience in design. We want to take fresh talents and give them the right tools to explore and create their art.

DSAF harnesses the creative energy and innovative thinking of students by exposing them to the culturally rich artistry of jewellery making. Students become designers, artists and preservers of heritage.  They learn traditional techniques passed down through generations of masters, and use them to bring their contemporary design ideas to life.

Students are mentored and tutored by a team of experts in making and design. Our faculty includes resident international instructors along with our local resident instructors and assistants who are graduates of DSAF, all of which are headed by our Senior Technical Consultant Doris Maninger – Co founder  of Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry in Florence.

The success of our structure rests on the combination of absorbing tradition and enrichment of knowledge along with our strong creative drive; the quality and commitment of our instructors; meeting from all parts of the world, whose different cultural identities have together helped to mold the school’s own singular character.

The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy is a leading Jewelry design teaching Institute. Founded by Azza Fahmy in 2013 in Cairo, Egypt

The first contemporary jewelry school in the MENA region.

DSAF is making its mark on the international design scene. In 2018, we were invited to participate in the 27thLegnica International Jewellery Festival – Silver Schools in Poland where the work of students, graduates and instructors was showcased. Silver Schools is an annual event presenting the world’s leading schools active in the field of jewellery making and design.

Our alumni and students had the opportunity to showcase their work again internationally as we took part in the 4th edition of Athens Jewellery Week that took place in May 2019.