Mini Academic – 6 Weeks Technical Program

Mini Academic Level 1
6 Weeks Beginner Technical Program

The goal of this program is to provide the knowledge and tools required to design and make jewelry pieces using basic and traditional jewelry making techniques such as sawing, filing, forming, soldering, and polishing.

The technical exercises are critical in order to allow the students to excel and express themselves in the mediums used. Students develop a great amount of confidence and proficiency with the basic skills of forming and fabrication, history of jewelry and metals.

The main techniques covered in this program include:




Simple soldering and jump rings for connection purposes.



Pieces required:

necklace, cuff earring or pendant

Total of at least 3

This program is aimed for beginner students and designers.

Students do not necessarily need a previous designing background in order to be registered for this course.

Mini Academic Level 2
6 Weeks Advanced Technical Program
The main techniques covered in this program include:

Jump rings


Band ring

Bezel setting


Pieces required: 

1 jump ring necklace or bracelet

2 band rings



Total of at least 5

Mini Academic Level 3
6 Weeks Advanced Technical Program



Basic Box ring

Pieces required: 

Mini parure

Minimum 5 pieces

Mini Academic Level 4
6 Weeks Advanced Technical Program



Design and composition lectures

Pieces required:

Min 5

Bench Book

This program is aimed for advanced students and designers, and a basic jewelry making background is required

Who are the 6 weeks technical programs for

Beginner and/or advanced students and any designer interested to either specialize in jewelry making or integrate metal pieces in their designs (fashion, shoe & bag making, home accessories…etc)
The program is also designed in a way that enables those who have limited time to be able to study jewelry making and metalsmithing in an intensive program with a convenient schedule

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