Fadwa Nayef (Jewelry Making & Design Instructor)


Born in Lebanon, bachelor’s holder in engineering from the High Institute of Cinema, Academy of Arts in Egypt. Fadwa started embarking on several exciting projects in the theatre and movie industries, working as an assistant to various reputable set decorators and directors.

She took particular consideration to the pleasure of construction and translating ideas into 3D forms and was tutored by a couple of jewelers in Palestine to take her first steps towards metalsmithing and craftsmanship. Fadwa had limited access to proper coaching and guidance in that field, which made her more determined to explore ways to enhance her skills.

A passionate autodidact, Fadwa spent 9 years developing her jewelry making skills and started exhibiting her work in various local events and shows. She reached the maximum of her growth as a jeweler and this is when she decided to move back to Cairo and join the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy (DSAF) in year 2007.

Instantly, she manifested dedication, creativity and most importantly enthusiasm to learn throughout her studies with DSAF. The complexity of her designs showed the mind of an engineer, and the hand of a maker. She’s consistently driven to the importance of creating a narrative behind her work that translates into a wearable jewelry piece. Her energy & devotion equipped her to assist various international visiting artists and local instructors complementing not only her technical skills but also teaching and coaching abilities

Fadwa has also participated in numerous national and international exhibitions such as Legnica Jewelry Festival SILVER in Poland and Athens Jewelry Week. Currently living in Cairo, she is part of DSAF faculty acting as one of the main teachers for various programs with a concentration in jewelry making techniques, concept & design




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