Sarah Zaki

Joined at the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy (DSAF) in year 2014 to study jewelry making & design. Sarah is currently working on her graduation project expected to be finalized by September 2017

Sarah has been assisting in various workshops at the studio varying between teachers in residence and foreign visiting teachers. She has joined our teaching staff at the beginning of academic year 2016 & is now one of our main teachers for short courses locally and regionally.

She has joined several international and local exhibitions, like the “25th Legnica International Jewelry Festival” in Poland that took place in April 2016 and “Cairo Contemporary Jewelry Designers 3rd Edition Exhibition” that took place in December 2016 organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

Sarah’s work is known for its artistic & conceptual back ground, she focuses on building her pieces on a defined concept and clear vision, besides mastering technique. In her current graduation project, she is working on exploring herself through studying other materials & aiming to make jewels from non-metals


“I am literally in love with Jewelry making”
“Jewelry designing & making connects all my senses together”

These are the exact words Sarah Zaki uses to describe her passion towards what she loves the most


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