Gustavo Paradiso


Born in Argentina, Gustavo Paradiso has dedicated more than 20 years in the jewelry making field making him an acknowledged goldsmith who has been working as an independent maker and designer in Argentina and Spain.

Throughout his intensive experience, Gustavo had the opportunity to train and work with renowned jewelers, display and sell his work in various exhibitions worldwide. He is always interested in exploring various and out of the box solutions when it comes to the making of a piece, putting a lot of focus on quality and material experimentation. He gives a special interest in using upcycled metals in mounting his creations and handmade pieces.

A passionate goldsmith, Gustavo spends a lot of his time dedicated to teaching jewelry making and design in different schools in South of America and Europe. The passion that drove him to move to Cairo, Egypt in 2017 and become a full time resident teacher in the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy.

Being a very strong technician, Gustavo offers a lot to our students especially when it comes to problem solving and working with the available resources. Especially that it’s sometimes difficult to source specific tools and materials being highly dependent on importing from Europe. He pays a lot of attention on the importance of making your own tools, upcycle materials and preparing in house different metal alloys, which are extremely important skills for a developing country like Egypt.


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