Ferràn Iglesias Barón


A Spanish artist and jewelry maker, Ferràn Iglesias Barón was born 1967 in Terrassa, Barcelona (ES), has over 20 years of experience in goldsmithing, encompassing academic studies and written publications, teaching experience, exhibitions, and the receipt of numerous awards.


Essence and meaning are two driving forces of his growth and creative process, whether explored in nature or through geometry or color. Interaction with different mediums and chromas, for him, expresses emotion and transcends aesthetics to create a new form of beauty and appeal, a subtle sentiment of contentment, or what one might call happiness.


He started his goldsmithing education back in the early 90s through different jewelry schools in Barcelona – Spain. He gained his master degree in Fine Arts in 2016 from Trier University of Applied Sciences, Gemstone and Jewellery Design, Campus Idar-Oberstein (DE).


He’s been teaching various short courses in Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy along with being a teacher resident in the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy in year 2015. Out of the main awards he won were: 3rd Prize founded by the Mayor of the Legnica, 23rd International Jewellery Competition, (POL) in 2014 and Award of the “JORGC Prize Artesania”, Col·legi Oficial de Joiers de Catalunya, Barcelona (ES) in 2011.



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